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Roger Noyes and the GRN Golf Tournament
by Betty Collignon

Note: Special thanks go to the following supporters, who have generously donated a portion of their proceeds to The Carl Wilson Foundation.

The GRN Golf Tournament sponsored the "Historical Bus Tour and Lunch" which was held Sunday, October 6, 2002. Roger Noyes, (brother of Ron Noyes and friend of Steve Plank who are CWF supporters) and his wife Laura organize the annual GRN Golf Tournament in honor of his father George Noyes who lost his battle with cancer. May 11, 2002 marked the Sixth Annual GRN Golf Tournament held in beautiful Sonora, California.

The course for the GRN Golf Tournament
photo copyright 2002, Rene Diaz

George Noyes passed away when Roger was only 20 years old. After some years had passed, Roger wanted to do something to honor his father and at the same time raise money so that someday other 20-year-olds will be spared their fathers. Some of Roger's favorite memories of his father were of them playing golf together. A golf tournament seemed to be the answer. Roger was scared that it would not work, but his best friend replied, "so what if it is just the two of us, your dad would be happy we were thinking of him." He invited his friends and his father's friends to play golf on what would have been his father's birthday, March 29th. The weather was perfect. 24 golfers and about 40 people attended dinner. As a result, the tournament continues to grow every year, and next year will be GRN VII.

The Carl Wilson Foundation has received a shared portion of the donations both in 2001 and 2002. Justyn Wilson, Carl B. Wilson, Mario Tucker, Aaron Boone, Rene and I all went up for the weekend. Rene and I spent the day driving around in a golf cart while the boys played. Carl B. won the "Closest to the Pin" award. The Tournament was held on Mother's Day weekend because Laura Noyes was expecting twins and she and Roger wanted to schedule the tournament before her due date. Justyn and the other guys left right after the game in order to get home in time to be with their mothers, and as a result missed the celebration dinner.

Justyn Wilson and Aaron Boone
photo copyright 2002, Rene Diaz

Carl B. Wilson and Mario Tucker
photo copyright 2002, Rene Diaz

Many members of the Noyes family support this event and they have made Rene and me feel as part of the family. They had a HUGE auction along with speeches and awards. Ron Noyes is in the wine business and donated plenty of wine which was available for everyone to enjoy along with special bottles that went up for auction. The dinner and party went late into the evening. Early the next morning, while most of us were still sleeping or traveling home, Laura gave birth to her twins. They were born premature but are now home healthy and happy.

Revving up our engines...
photo copyright 2002, Rene Diaz

Justyn, Mario, and Carl warm up...
photo copyright 2002, Rene Diaz

12th Hole Sponsor -- Roger, Laura, Nicholas and the Twins for the CWF
photo copyright 2002, Rene Diaz

Betty Collignon speaks on behalf the CWF next to Roger Noyes
photo copyright 2002, Rene Diaz






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