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presents the

CWF Scramble Against Cancer Golf Tournament 2006

August 19, 2006

All photos are used by permission and are not to be reproduced, copied or sold. All rights reserved.

IT RAINED the entire night before and morning of the scramble, and there was a real possibility that the CWF Golf Scramble 2006 would be postponed or even canceled. But about thirty minutes into the event, the weather cleared up for a very enjoyable day of golf at Yarrow Golf & Conference Center in Augusta, Michigan. Everyone gave the classic vehicle "hole-in-one" attempt their very best shot but no one made it. Perhaps next year's "million dollar hole" will provide a little bit more incentive! In total, there were about 80 golfers and an additional 25 or 30 of us just there for the fun.

Scroll down for a detailed account and photos of the day's events!

Justyn Wilson putting

Even though the day started out rainy, everything cleared up nicely and folks were able to enjoy the course, just with a little slower greens! CWF's Justyn Wilson takes aim.

photo copyright © 2006, Britta Wilson

banquet hall at Yarrow
photo copyright © 2006, Britta Wilson

After a long day of golf, everyone convened in the banquet hall for a great meal, great company, raffle prizes and awards presentations.

Billy Hinsche, Justyn Wilson
photo copyright © 2006, Billy Hinsche

Billy Hinsche (left) and Justyn Wilson particularly liked the golf balls with the Foundation logo. Each person was given a sleeve of three balls in their goody bag.


Rickenbacker guitar and case Gibson guitar and case

photos copyright © 2006, Billy Hinsche

Rickenbacker Guitars (RIC) and The Gibson Foundation were both quite generous with us this year. Rickenbacker donated a custom 620 Fireglow electric, and Gibson donated a Studio Les Paul Ebony with chrome hardware and a Epiphone acoustic for our silent auction.

Brian Gray with Gibson
photo copyright © 2006, Billy Hinsche

Brian Gray and his new Gibson Acoustic


photo copyright © 2006, Billy Hinsche

Marty McNerney won the custom framed Carl Wilson commemorative Rickenbacker poster. (Left to right) Jonah Wilson, Marty, Karen Carlson, and Justyn Wilson.


Steve Newman with Wilsons
photo copyright © 2006, Billy Hinsche

Dr. Steve Newman, posing with Justyn and Jonah Wilson, was one of the many winners of some terrific raffle prizes sponsored by Bill Harrison and MPI Research of Mattawan, Michigan.


golf trophies
photo copyright © 2006, Britta Wilson

Each member of the first place team was given a crystal trophy, custom etched with the CWF silhouette logo and a box of Nike One Platinum golf balls. In addition to the first place team, crystal trophies were also given to the winners for closest to the pin, longest putt, and men's/women's longest drive.


Dockside group
photo copyright © 2006, Billy Hinsche

After the event, Karen & Todd Carlson invited all of the out-of-towners over to their Indian Lake home for a relaxing evening on the lake and BBQ in appreciation for traveling such distances to attend the event. People in order (from left to right): Steve and Kathy Bergh, Ben Valley, Jeff Green, Randy Hutchinson, Karla and Gary Wilkie, and Ron Jennison at the end of the Carlson's dock.


Britta and Karen in boat
photo copyright © 2006, Justyn Wilson

Sunday morning, when most folks had already begun traveling home, the Wilsons spent a relaxing day at the Carlson's home, enjoying relaxing conversation and even a boat ride touring the lake.


Hinsche-Wilson family
photo copyright © 2006, Billy Hinsche

Carl's family poses dockside, left to right: Billy Hinsche and his sister Annie Wilson-Karges (Carl's first wife), Britta Wilson (Justyn's wife), and Carl's sons Justyn and Jonah Wilson.


ALL IN ALL, the 2nd Annual CWF Golf Scramble Against Cancer was a tremendous success. We had increased our participation by roughly 50% this year and will most likely have the same trend next year based on the comments of our guests. Everyone had a great time, even in light of the not-so-perfect weather. The course was challenging but beautiful, the food was incredible, but second only to the company of all of the wonderful Carl Wilson fans coming together not only to fight to keep his memory alive in all of our hearts, but also to raise funds to fight against the disease that has taken so many of our loved ones from us. Let's keep the tradition going and make it bigger and better with each year to come!

SPECIAL THANKS TO: Justyn & Britta Wilson, Jonah Wilson, Annie Wilson-Karges, Billy Hinsche, Blondie Chaplin, Rick Berger, The Gibson Foundation, Rickenbacker Guitars (RIC), Margaret Dowdle Head, Bill Harrison & MPI Research, SWAT Fitness Center, Magna Donnelly Corporation, Linda Shierlaw & Prudential Preferred Realtors, Schlukebir & Locker State Farm Insurance, Schmaus Cash Register Company, Mark Patrzik, and Todd Mouw.

--Karen Carlson, Scramble organizer



Tournament Organizer:
Karen A. Carlson
11416 East Indian Lake Drive
Vicksburg, MI 49097
Email: carlson at ppg dot com


For more information on the Carl Wilson Foundation, please email us.

The aim and primary focus of The Carl Wilson Foundation is to help raise funds for cancer research and to aid musicians in need of support. The Carl Wilson Foundation is proud to have contributed to the following organizations: City of Hope, The Lester Petrillo Memorial Fund for Disabled Musicians, The Silver Lining Foundation and The Musicians Assistance Program.






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