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T H E   C A R L   W I L S O N   F O U N D A T I O N

Carl Wilson Walk Against Cancer

The second annual CARL WILSON WALK AGAINST CANCER took place on Sunday, October 3, 1999. Photo reports are now available for the both the Walk and the Beach Party on this site.

  • BEACH PARTY: Held on Saturday, Oct. 2 (the day before the Walk) at Paradise Cove in Malibu.

  • WALK AND CONCERT: Held at Calamigos Ranch in Malibu, CA.

    Photo copyright © 1999, M. Dowdle Head; used by permission


    Once again I want to thank all of you from the bottom of my heart for participating in the '99 Walk in honor of Carl.

    Although I have not been able to attend either, I do know how wonderfully successful they have been. And I also know it is because of all your support, hard work, and love. It goes without saying that the tremendous effort could not have been done in honor of a more magnificent human being.

    I still miss Carl terribly, however I am getting more accustomed to a life without my beloved in it physically. And it is always of immense comfort to me to think about all the love he generated and is being reciprocated. He is very present for me, and I know he is also with all of you.

    I send you all my love and deepest gratitude. And I wish you great peace, joy, happiness and health in this and every New Year to come.

    --Gina Wilson, December, 1999

    NEXT YEAR'S WALK: If you are interested in future CWF events, please contact us via email. For regular mail, please send inquiries to the Carl Wilson Foundation at P.O. Box 1708, Beverly Hills, CA 90213-1708.

    used by permission

    Some of the many talented performers who appeared at this year's Walk, (left to right) Justyn Wilson, Chynna Phillips, Billy Hinsche, Wendy Wilson.

    SPECIAL THANKS TO: Beach Boys Family & Friends, The Beach Boys, Brother Records, Brian Wilson, Jonah Wilson, Justyn Wilson, Annie Wilson-Karges, Carnie Wilson, Wendy Wilson, Owen Elliot, Marilyn Wilson, Diane Rovell, Ginger Blake, Billy Hinsche, Desi Arnaz Jr., Ricci Martin, Mario Tucker, Carl B. Wilson, Barbara Wilson, Adam Jardine, Alan Jardine, Matt Jardine, Jason Raphalian, Jeff Peters, John Stamos, Chynna Phillips Baldwin, Jeffrey Foskett, Bobby Figueroa, Craig Copeland, Jimmy Pou, Wayne Tweed, Margaret Dowdle Head, Kim Dermit, Niall and Liam McCarthy, Barb Lang and Calsaga, Toni and Mike Rogers, Corinne Calomeni, James Leveille, Kevin Wachs and Earthly Body Lotions, Scott Frazier, Greg and Joy Crosby and the Coca Cola Company, Barry Shapiro and All Valley Printing, Martin Brennan, Gary Chapman, Sherri Skanes, Robert Lamm, Chicago, America, Gerry Beckley, Elton John, Bonnie Raitt, Ricky Fataar, Michael Kowalski, The Doobie Brothers, Ambrosia, John Zambetti of the Malibooz, Paul Guditis, Christopher Cross, Justyn Hayward, Gordon Waller, Peter Asher, Carole King, Castle Rock Entertainment, Burke Williams, Radisson Hotel, Good Nite Inn, Canter's Deli, Hilton Hotels, Wyndam Hotels, and National Car Rental

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